Regulations of consumer sales in the online store https://impromptusessions.com/ 

General rules 

§ 1 

1. The Regulations define the rules for the provision of services by way of sale and delivery of goods at a distance, i.e. without the simultaneous presence of the contracting party, as well as submitting and considering complaints to the supplier and returning activities operating in the impromptusessions.com store (hereinafter referred to as the "Store" or " Seller"), on the Internet at https://impromptusessions.com/ 

2. The seller for the purpose of providing the regulations is Malwina Krępeć Music Company with its registered office in 81-805 Sopot, ul. Driveway 1/2 Poland NIP: 8751488153 REGON: 380600240 phone: 781941117, e-mail address: malwina@krepec.com 

3. The buyer to whom the regulations have been made available is only the user under Art. 22 sec. 1 of the Civil Code. 

§ 2 

1. These Regulations define the terms and conditions for the sale of goods only in the Online Store at https://impromptusessions.com/. 

The seller may sell goods in a different way, including through other stores or online sales platforms. These Regulations do not apply to the sale of goods by the Seller outside the Store run outside the address https://impromptusessions.com/ 

2. The seller provides the price of the goods in dollars and in gross values (including tax). 

3. The given price of the goods does not include the cost of delivery of the goods to the Buyer, which are calculated on the basis of the costs of delivering the goods to the Buyer. Information on shipping costs is provided each time with the description of the goods. 

4. The seller is obliged to deliver goods free from defects. 

§ 3 

1. A user of the Store may be any natural person who is a consumer. 

2. In connection with the execution of orders, in particular documenting the sale and delivery of goods, the Seller may process the following data provided by the Buyer: 

1) name and surname, 

2) address of residence, 

3) e-mail address, 

4) delivery address, 

5) telephone number. 

3. The Seller may process personal data provided by the Buyer only for the purpose of proper performance of obligations arising from concluded contracts, including the sales contract, and in particular: 

1) documenting the sale in the manner provided for by law, 

2) delivery of goods in the manner and to the address indicated by the Buyer, 

3) handling returns and complaints. 

4. The Seller processes the personal data provided by the Buyer on the basis of the consent expressed by the Buyer, as well as in a manner consistent with the Personal Data Protection Act and the Act on the provision of electronic services. The buyer has the right to access their data, as well as correct them and request their removal. 

5. Providing personal data by the Buyer is completely voluntary, however, it is required for the proper performance of the concluded contract. 

Placing and processing orders, payments 

§ 4 

1. The information provided in the Store constitutes an invitation to conclude a contract within the meaning of Art. 71 CC. None of the information provided in the Store by the Seller constitutes an offer within the meaning of the provisions of the Civil Code. 

2. The invitation to conclude the contract expressed by the Seller specifies in particular: 

1) type of goods, 

2) a brief description of the goods, 

3) the price of the goods, 

3. The Buyer may submit an offer to the Seller to conclude a contract for the sale of goods by selecting the goods using the appropriate functionality of the Store (by adding to the "basket" and approving the ordered goods in the basket), 

4. When submitting an offer, the Buyer provides the data and information necessary for the proper execution of the order. 

§ 5 

1. The Seller immediately after receiving the offer confirms its acceptance to the Buyer by means of a message sent to the Buyer's e-mail address. 

2. After accepting the offer by the Seller, the Buyer may pay the price for the goods and the shipment in one of the ways of his choice: 

1) Through the PayPal system, whose service provider is PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A with its registered office at L-1150 in Luxembourg. 

2) Credit and debit cards 

3. The goods are delivered in one of the following ways, selected by the Buyer: 

1) File download (online) 

2) by courier, 

4. The detailed fee for the delivery of goods is provided with each sale offer. 

§ 6 

1. The Seller completes the order within 24 hours of placing the order by the Buyer. 

Seller's liability for defects in goods 

§ 7 

1. The Seller is liable to the Buyer under the warranty for physical defects if the goods (things) are inconsistent with the contract. 

Right of withdrawal 

§ 8 

1. If, due to a physical defect of the sold item, the Buyer made a declaration of withdrawal from the contract or reduction of the price, he may demand compensation for the damage he suffered because he concluded the contract without knowing about the existence of the defect, even if the damage was the result of circumstances for which the Seller is not responsible. In particular, the Buyer may demand: 

1) reimbursement of the costs of concluding the contract, 


§ 9 

1. Each user of the Store may submit a complaint to the Seller related to irregularities in the functioning of the Store or the concluded contract, in particular: 

1) regarding the goods for which the parties concluded a sales contract, 2) customer service and the method of delivery of the goods, 3) irregularities in the functionalities of the Store, 4) description of the products. 

2. A complaint may be lodged: 

1) via a message sent to the e-mail address piotr@krepec.com 

Other statements of the Seller 

§ 10 

The Seller declares that: 

1) Has not submitted to the code of good practice specified in Art. 2 point 5 of the Act on Counteracting Unfair Market Practices, 

2) The Buyer is not obliged to make any purchases in the Store. 

Technical conditions for the provision of services 

§ 11 

1. The Seller defines the following technical conditions for the provision of electronic services: 

1) The Buyer should use a device that allows the use of the Internet, in particular a PC computer or similar, 

2) the use of the services requires equipping the device with a web browser in the Firefox, MS Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, Safari version 

3) the browser should allow the acceptance of cookies and have the JavaScript interpreter enabled. 

2. The Seller declares that as part of the Store's system, it uses cookies to collect information related to the use of the online store by the Customer, in particular to maintain the logged-in session of the service recipient and to adapt the way sales offers are displayed to the needs of service recipients. 

3. The Seller declares that, as part of the Store's system, it processes the following operational data of users of the website under which the Store is run: 

1) IP address, 

2) browser version, 

3) browser type, 

4) host, 

5) operating system. 

§ 12 

1. Any disputes arising from the concluded sales contract are subject to examination by common courts, the jurisdiction of which is determined by the provisions of the Civil Code. 

2. The Buyer may, irrespective of the provisions of section 1, ask the Seller for an amicable settlement of any dispute regarding the concluded contract or in other matters regarding these Regulations. 

§ 13 

1. The Seller may, for important reasons, make changes to these regulations. The change of the regulations takes place by announcing its new content in the store and enters into force after 14 days from the date of informing the Buyers. 

2. Important reasons are understood in particular: 

1) a change in the law, 

2) extending the functionality of the Store, in particular the commencement of the provision of new services by the Seller, 

3) changing the way of providing services consisting in providing information to Buyers 

§ 14 

In matters not covered by the Regulations, the following provisions shall apply: 

1) the Civil Code, in particular in the part concerning sales, 

2) the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827, as amended). 

§ 15 

1. The Regulations come into force on December 1, 2022 and apply to sales contracts concluded from that date. 

2. With regard to sales contracts concluded before that date, the regulations apply accordingly, i.e. taking into account the differences resulting from the provisions: 

the Act of March 2, 2000 on the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product (Journal of Laws of 2012, item 1225), 2) the Act of July 27, 2002 on special conditions of sale and on the amendment to the Civil Code (Journal of Laws No. 141, item 1176, as amended).